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Indie Teamup is where you go to discover indie devs and teams.



After finding an indie dev or team, you can easily connect with them by forming or joining a team.



Once connected, you can easily collaborate with each other to take your ideas from paper to production.










Partner of Indie Teamup in education.

Gamedev.life is a community of aspiring game creators who want to share ideas and resources to put more people on the path to making great games. We are here to get you over that first giant hurdle when starting to make games; believing you can do it.

Our community hosts a wide variety of people from all different backgrounds ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals. With a focus on keeping it simple so you can get through your first few games, we hope to create a healthy and yet still competitive environment for people to engage and learn from.

Beta vial

We are in beta

While Indie Teamup is in beta, feel free to give us feedback and let us know what you would like to see! You can follow us on twitter to stay up to date on the latest @indieteamup news.

Long road

Indie Teamup Roadmap

We love the feedback we get from you and want to show our good faith effort to keep you informed about where Indie Teamup is going. On deck for development are Profile Tools and a site re-skin. You can read more about features to come on our roadmap page.

New Indies

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UK based musician, degree in Music and currently studying a Masters in Audio Production. Gamer si...

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I am a storyteller who had been working on an idea for 12 months, which now needs momentum to be...

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Developer - Writer - Producer

I've been in love with JRPG's since as long as I can remember. My goal is to become the best JRP...

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Professional web and mobile app developer looking to collaborate on an indie game project on the...

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Writer/Concept Enthusiast/Character Design

I've always been into games. Final Fantasy was the one series that really got me interested in ch...

New Teams

Dark eon

Dark Eon Studios

Dark Eon: We are a small,team looking to make a name and a living for ourselves in the entertainm...


CW The Flash Video Game

we making a video game about the flash tv series for who dont know him its a super hero that runn...

Screen shot 2016 11 28 at 12.30.41 pm

GD Studio-Unity

The first edition of our Unity5.5 Top Down shooter ( "Battle Bots : Training" ) is on the road,...

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Legendary Minutes

Legendary Minutes



My team are currently making a 2D metroidvania, Fantasy, side-scroller style game, focused on tra...

Recent Updates


Project X

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If anyone is wondering, we are still accepting applications. The application will not be accepted after 10 dec 2016. You will become a 'real' team member when you join our slack.

Thanks for joining.

dec. 04
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looking for solo indies to collaborate, brain storm and make our ideas (in a sensible reasonable scope), come true, make a bunch of games together.
and build up knowledge ,portfolios and experience at the same time.

dec. 04
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Sinister monkey is looking for a gui artist to help finish current project and work on 2 more ^^ send me a message if your interested

dec. 04

Project X

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We have to start now. Whoever doesn't join our slack before Saturday (10 December 2016) will be kicked out. Also no application will be accepted after that date. So please join the team and our slack ASAP.

dec. 03
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If you are needing marketing and PR help for your mobile game,let me know!

dec. 03