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Indie Teamup is where you go to discover indie devs and teams.



After finding an indie dev or team, you can easily connect with them by forming or joining a team.



Once connected, you can easily collaborate with each other to take your ideas from paper to production.










Partner of Indie Teamup in education.

Gamedev.life is a community of aspiring game creators who want to share ideas and resources to put more people on the path to making great games. We are here to get you over that first giant hurdle when starting to make games; believing you can do it.

Our community hosts a wide variety of people from all different backgrounds ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals. With a focus on keeping it simple so you can get through your first few games, we hope to create a healthy and yet still competitive environment for people to engage and learn from.

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While Indie Teamup is in beta, feel free to give us feedback and let us know what you would like to see! You can follow us on twitter to stay up to date on the latest @indieteamup news.

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Indie Teamup Roadmap

We love the feedback we get from you and want to show our good faith effort to keep you informed about where Indie Teamup is going. On deck for development are Profile Tools and a site re-skin. You can read more about features to come on our roadmap page.

New Indies

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Giulia Cucchietti

Concept artist

I'm a concept artist, with a base of the 3d production too from modeling to compositing. I just f...



Game Developer, 3D Modeller,

I am a game developer with 2 years experience working with Unity 5 and Blender. I am looking to w...

User placeholder


Expert Game Developer

I am an expert game developer having 5+ years of experience in game development. I am looking for...

User placeholder


Developer .Net Full Stack

I am a professional software developer with 5 Year+ of experience. Roles: Software Designer/Arc...

New Teams


Indie Dev Stream Team

I am making a game. Currently our biggest limitation is the fact that I have no knowledge of 3D...



HyperPro is a team that is working to create a General-Purpose Programming Language (Like C++, Ja...

Team placeholder

Reality game

We are creating a 2d side scroller solidarity to the game limbo, but instead of blacks and greys...


Wolf in game

Hobbyist game developer from Poland. We create games for people. You find more on http://wolfinga...

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Team Project Earth

All of the project details are on http://www.teamups.net/teamup/2504/Project-Earth I've had troub...

Recent Updates

Ruello large


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To all applicants whom we have accepted, kindly accept our invitation and to those whom we haven't invited yet but already accepted, kindly apply.
Thank you! :)

aug. 24
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Wayward Gamer

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Filled our concept artist role! Always a good sign when things move forward.

aug. 24
Poker face drawing


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Looking for Unity teacher.
Will gladly learn. Currently knows only basic UI.

Accepting any teacher with experience.

aug. 23
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Hello,We are looking for experienced 3D and 2D artist and also a passionate Game Designer on urgent basis,We are all set with the concept and working on story ,
It's a survival Game for PC/console .we are filled with experience programmer and designers.

aug. 23
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Wayward Gamer

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Looks like we're beginning to build the team! Looking forward to competing the Design Phase, currently scheduled to complete on August 29th! We will need 2D artists for the next phase so if you're a 2D artist, shoot us a message!

aug. 23